Furnishing homes in Missouri and beyond with the unique beauty of reclaimed barn wood.  

Let us add character or a conversation piece to your home with something carefully customized to your specifications.

Our Work

Handcrafted with care and customized for you.

The quality salvaged wood has a rustic character which makes every single item we create unique and crafted with meticulous care just for you.  

The time-worn wood has a story to tell, but that story is not yet finished…


Build. Repair. Customize.

• Customized cabinetry

• Cabinet resurfacing

• Custom furniture

• Replace wood flooring

• Repair wood doors

And much more!


David is passionate about creating beautiful custom items using salvaged barn wood.  The rich patina and history of each piece inspires his creations, while being environmentally responsible through deconstruction and reuse of quality materials. 

David brings experience and tradition to his trade while maintaining the quality and integrity of the reclaimed wood.


We look forward to giving you a custom quote…contact us today!

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